At Häti-Häti, we think a beautiful home should be enjoyed, well lived in and filled with thoughtfully curated pieces that reflect your unique spirit. Inspired by the rich, laid back feel of Bali’s island lifestyle, our furniture cultivates that same elevated sense of creativity, possibility and serenity. All of our handcrafted products are made by local artisans in Bali and Java with ethically-sourced, durable materials like teak, vegetable-dyed leather, Danish paper cord and rattan. The end result is a stunning, visual testament to the energy, care and attention to detail that’s poured into every piece.

Sustainability and stewardship are at the heart of our creative process. We use the cleanest, natural materials we can find to reduce our environmental impact and ensure that your purchase isn’t at the expense of the earth we love.

Teak - Durable. Locally-Sourced. Sustainable. We thoughtfully source young plantation teak to not contribute to deforestation and to preserve old trees. Its youth also gives the wood its stunning appearance with variations in color and grain. Durable and withstanding, this material is pest and water resistant to protect its quality overtime.

Leather - Biodegradable. Vegetable-Tanned. Long-Lasting. Our leather is tanned and minimally dyed using vegetables to avoid water waste as well as harmful chemicals. Our locally sourced leather is 100% biodegradable and is durable enough to last a lifetime.

Danish Paper Cord - Plant-Based. Recyclable. Biodegradable. This soft, flexible material is as natural as the wood it’s woven around. Used by Scandinavian furniture makers for centuries, it’s natural color is undyed and finished with a wax coating, so it can stand the test of time like the vintage pieces that have inspired our work. 

Rattan - Locally Grown. Sustainable. Natural Texture. Sourced from a palm variant, rattan is incredibly fast growing, requires minimal water and is rarely exposed to pesticides. Growing much quicker than a typical wood-producing tree, this natural material is a strong, sustainable alternative to traditional wood. 

Synthetic Rattan - Outdoor-Friendly. Recyclable. Eco-Friendly. We’ve worked hard to source the highest quality synthetic rattan so it has a similar aesthetic and feel as natural rattan and seagrass. While natural materials are usually our first-choice, when it comes to outdoor living, this long-lasting material is UV treated to endure the elements overtime. It’s also a great paper-cord alternative for families as it can be washed regularly without any signs of wear.