Heritage furniture built to be lived in

Handcrafted using time-honored techniques, responsible natural materials, and positive energy to provide beauty, function, and comfort to your home.

We make artisanal goods that stand up to everyday life.

We started Hati Home as a haven for outstanding design, meticulous craftsmanship, and carefully curated materials. In an era of speed, convenience and disposability, we deliberately take our time to create timeless heritage pieces. We know firsthand how it feels to shop online for furniture that looks good but feels like home—that’s why we make artisanal goods that stand up to everyday life.

When purchasing furniture, we know that your values are top of mind. The final product becomes an intimate part of your environment … you build your life around these pieces. This inspires us to build our furniture with intention, so you can bring all the positivity of the process into your home.

Sustainability is essential for us. Not only do the materials need to be sourced consciously, we need to disrupt the disposable furniture mindset with pieces built to be enjoyed for generations to come. An oak forest might be harvested every 40 years, so our oak frames are designed and built to last. Our leather is reinforced by canvas or webbing to prevent sagging. Our woven materials are selected based on their durability. There is a sacredness in the materials we use, and they need to be used well.

Adam Thomson CEO,

“Our furniture is defined by what
matters most — outstanding design,
meticulous craftsmanship, and
thoughtfully curated materials.”

Kallie Thomson,
Furniture Director