about häti-häti

When four California-based designers got a little taste of Bali's island-life, they were captivated by the iconic furniture that represents the island’s laid back but luxe feel. The craftsmanship they found in Bali was both authentic and unmatched, with artisans utilizing locally sourced materials such as rattan, teak, and bamboo to create modern and chic designs. 

After seeing what was possible, they sought to make this same laid-back-luxe design aesthetic available outside of the island, and thus, Häti-Häti Home was born.

All of Häti-Häti's handcrafted products are ethically-made by incredible artisans in Bali and Java, combining cultural originality with a modern twist. Alongside the integrity of the design, we highly value the artistry behind the products, and love that we have the opportunity to bring socially-conscious products into the lives of so many. We hope you fall in love with our products as much as we have, and bring one home!