About Häti-Häti

Home is so much more than the walls that hold it together. It’s a place of comfort defined by who we are and what matters most. A space where creativity ebbs and flows, where we gather, where we nourish our bodies and find rest, where the mundane can turn meaningful in any moment.

At Häti-Häti, we think a beautiful home should be enjoyed, well lived in and filled with thoughtfully curated pieces that reflect your unique spirit. Inspired by the rich, laid back feel of Bali’s island lifestyle, our furniture cultivates that same elevated sense of creativity, possibility and serenity. All of our handcrafted products are made by local artisans in Bali and Java with ethically-sourced, durable materials like teak, vegetable-dyed leather, Danish paper cord and rattan. The end result is a stunning, visual testament to the energy, care and attention to detail that’s poured into every piece.

Sustainability and stewardship are at the heart of our creative process. We use the cleanest, natural materials we can find to reduce our environmental impact and ensure that your purchase isn’t at the expense of the earth we love.

Whether you want an entirely fresh look for a room or you’re on the hunt for an eye-catching statement piece, Häti-Häti Home is the perfect place to find one-of-a-kind products infused with warmth and welcome.